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The act of doing or wanting something, but worse than doing/wanting it so badly.
I hate you so hard.
I want some cupcakes so hard.
I burned that kid so hard.
by Kayla Schmidt December 15, 2008
New Jersey slang for doing something well. Similar to "the best."
Dude I just nailed that test so hard.

I just napped so hard.
by illtac October 14, 2005
"So hard" is used at the end of a sentence to add emphasis and may substitute for an exclamation mark.
I like cheese so hard.
by Eddy F. June 02, 2005
Non-regonal-specific slang for doing something well. Similar to "the best."
"Some people from New Jersey like claiming slang as their own so hard."
by peepeeterd October 20, 2005
To enhance a sentence, action or feeling.
I tried so hard to kill that bug
by Teddercheddar July 01, 2010
A stupid saying for kids in new jersey to say when questioned about their sexuality.
when i had sex with those pigs i did it SO HARD!
by James Stanely November 21, 2005