n. a mixture of snot and sperm (nut) that comes out of the nose of a person performing fellatio.
I came so hard snut came out of her nose.
by Kalashnikov April 21, 2006
Top Definition
When someone does not know what is going on, but wants to look or feel smart.
This exam is so snut.
That boy is such a snut.
by Innocent Devil December 09, 2005
An attempt to appear knowledgeable when, in fact, you are clueless.

Can be used as a descriptor or as a verb
"I find the whole debate between evolutionary theory and Intelligent design all very snut"

In regards to someone who snuts alot "That guy is a snut"

Used as a verb "Yeah, I wanted to try that R. Kelly thing, but it was my first time giving a golden shower, so I just snutted my way though the whole thing"
by .Park. January 04, 2006
Shortened version of Sweaty Nuts
My jock strap gives me the worst case of snuts
by K Dizzle & S Cizzle November 22, 2004
Funny enough, it's Danish for honey/darling.
Hej snut!
by MisterT77 September 02, 2009
A Social Networking Slut. (See also SNORE).

You know the ones, the friend whores..the collectors..especially in this case, the ones who use Facebook, etc. to get laid and collect friends of friends to flirt and/or hook up with.

It used to be people were just "SLUTS"..for being easy and good to go with people they might have just met in a bar or at a party, etc.

Now, they use social networking sites and go after their friends' friends, add them, flirt, and hook up.

People/your "friends" who go through your Facebook and My Space, etc friends lists and try to add them to their even if they have never met them?

Those people who think they really and truly have 500+ "friends"...And a good percentage they have hooked up with.
OMG..what a total SNUT! He does that shit all the time with my girlfriends! I am SO deleting him! What a user!
by Jello Queen February 06, 2011
A smore which is made with peanut butter instead of chocolate. There is a snut variation known as a chocolate snut which is a regular smore with peanut butter.
Those snuts were amazing last night!
by KingDaveForever May 26, 2013
Simple - Shit with nuts in it = SNUT. Next...
Man I just dropped a big ol'e SNUT bar in the bowl.
by colost0mybag August 13, 2011
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