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A slow moving creature which is a cross between a snail and a turtle. Incredibly daggy and lazy, a day in the life of a snurtle typically consists of much sleeping, eating, being cheeky and minimal use of energy. Despite all of this, the snurtle is a cute and lovable creature.
In a rare outing which caught locals by surprise, the snurtle crawled along the streets of Milliville in its cool green shell.
by Gregles August 05, 2007
56 14
A ancient cousin of the Turtle. The most common breed has a purple shell and blue skin. Recently become a fad on the online game, Roblox
I saw a Snurtle in the street today.
by SynthX08 January 19, 2009
5 11
a combination of a turtle and a snake. You can find them mostly in a pond when youre on a second date with a a very special girl.
Wow that was a huge snurtle!
Im peeling like a snurtle!
What the heck is that thing swimming over there? i think its a combination of snake and a turtle...a snurtle!!
i love snurtles.
by Dakota MCdonald June 08, 2010
0 16
to rummage through somebody else's stuff
i just saw you snurtle. stop snurtling in my underpants draw
by Ankleboots August 31, 2006
3 34
an uncircumcized penis
eewwwwsick get the snurtle away from me,and roll it up!
by till June 05, 2003
5 48