adj. snurp refers to a sucking, drinking and slurping like motion while snorting. Someone may also be called a snurp when they talk in a sucking, drinking and slurping like motion while snorting.
"This morning I snurped my cereal. Mom got mad."

"Why do you keep acting like such a snurf, I can't hear you."
by creampuff March 06, 2005
Top Definition
To mock someone, primarily through a mix of word play and/or misdirection.
Man 1: I convinced Steve the police sirens by his house were because his mom died.
Man 2: Oh shit! You really snurp't him!
by ThisIsJohnBrown February 22, 2011
A snurp is when you burp and sneeze at the same time. Also known as a bneeze, snurps usually have a lag time between the burp and the sneeze (in any order). If really well timed, a snurp can be deadly and can make you throw up your innards. A mass snurp can end civilizations.
Chris does have the ability to produce synchronous snurps.

"By Jove", Dr. Smellford exclaimed," So it is a mass snurp which destroyed Atlantis!"
by Schmuck83 April 17, 2007
When you sneeze a burp at the same time, and in doing so its hurts like hell.
Ben had to sneeze and when he did he burped, and I said hey good snurp, and he said OUCH.
by PV002 February 14, 2009
When you sneeze and burp at the same time. Often both painful and embarrassing.
Liz was snnezing when she burped as well. She turned to her friends and said, " I think i just Snurped."
by Laurarose618 August 30, 2009
A mix of a burp and a sneeze
You: I have a cold
Friend: here's some gingerale
You: snurp!!!!!
by Coolio365 December 22, 2013
It is a sneeze-burp. The person sneezes, then burps at the same time as the sneeze or shortly after.


"I totally snurped last night and my girlfriend broke up with me."
by Let's Make Sexytime February 10, 2009
noun. someone whose appearance, demeanor, and presence sucks so completely that it begins to swallow everything around them.
that snurp sucke up all the hipness from the room
by victron November 05, 2005
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