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adj. a snurk word is a word that is pronounced differently from how it's spelled
Dough, cough, laugh are examples of snurk words.
by XxFaithxX August 22, 2009
someone conspicously smart person. Often used to describe someone who is great at something.
Look at that complicated equation, what a snurk!
by Hendricks August 04, 2005
The act of backing out of a game lobby when the other team appears to be better than you.
Oh crap, we are facing a CLaN of 6!! We best snurk on out of here and find some noobs.
by CRaB June 12, 2012
1. An unintentional snark that gets noticed by someone.
2. Unintentional sarcasm. (see Clueless Asshole)
3. A snark that escaped before you could stop it. (see Burp)
"Oops, sorry about that snurk. I didn't mean for it to come out that way."

"I just claimed snurk on that one. What can I say? My bad."
by RUKind January 01, 2008

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