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Verb meaning: to bathe in the deliciously warm and comforting body of one's lover; especially: placing one's face in the crook of the lover's neck and nestling in.
Can also be extended to the act of love-making itself, but this is rarerly used.

Note: can be used as a noun, as in "I need the snurfle," or as an adverb as in "You are so snurfly tonight!".

*Derived from snuggle with references as well to cuddle and nuzzle, but meaning all three and then some.
I can't wait to get home and snurfle with you.
by grover January 29, 2004
To hug with your face! :D

Also, to snuggle very closely with someone that is close.
"I need a snurfle! :("
"I'll get you one! *snuggles tightly*"
by csskixbrass March 17, 2010
To Snurfle is to sniff lovingly on someone or something.
Me: Your daughter just snurfled my neck!

Wife: She does that to be close to you, because she loves you!
Me: awwwwwww
by Sinners make the best saints September 14, 2011