term used in southpark that refers to a nuclear bomb in a a girls snatch
Hilldogg's got a snuke in her snizz
by augustg March 28, 2007
A nuclear bomb designed to fit in a women's vagina.
First shown on South Park.
Hillary Clinton has a Snuke in her smelly snatch.
by Lucas 666 April 02, 2007
A suitcase nuke designed to fit in a women's sniz.
Mrs. Clinton, it appears that terrorists have stuck a snuke up your sniz.
by Chris Topher April 01, 2007
Act of sticking a nuke into a cipository and jammying it in ones vagina.
I jammed a snuke in Hil-Dogs Vagina.
by N,C.J Seemore asses April 01, 2007

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