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A guy who may look like an intimidating strong hottie on the outside. Very macho, but on the inside he is a giggly lil kiddy all full of lovey doveys, usually only a girlfriend can see this special side of him.
"That guy seems so serious!" "No way, we've been dating for over a year now, he's the biggest snugglebutt you'll ever meet."
by your princess May 01, 2007
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a very cute girl with a very attractive (snuggle) butt. Often associated with the girl u like
wow i love my snugglebutt
by Roderick Wongsfild December 17, 2007
My boo, your boo, everyone's boo. Any person's boo is a Snugglebutt.
"Hey, who's that guy standing next to you in that pic?" "Oh, that's my Snugglebutt."
by The original Rhonda March 16, 2010
A term of affection for a cat.
Aww, lookit the snugglebutt in the window! Hello snugglebutt!
by Bat Rastard July 28, 2006
(noun) the best little sister and friend ever!! but she does have a big bum...
"love you snugglebutt"
by riaxx March 16, 2009

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