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Slang or pet name for a Snufaluffagus.
A consumer of nasally ingested recreational drugs.

also see Snufaluffagus
Check snuffy snortin' up Chucky's stash.

Those lines never stood a chance under snuffy's inhalation powers.
by CritterGetter August 24, 2007
Mickey's angry yet pleasant penis.
Dan: Hey Mickey is that an angry wildebeast in your pants?
Mickey: Oh that's just Snuffy ...he came out of hybernation today.
by Jimmy Snickers September 21, 2007
A girl who looks like Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street. Usually has brown frizzy hair, big nose and is fat.
Oh my god. Snuffy is entering the room! Did you feel that earthquake?
by deeb January 31, 2005
A person with extremly long eyelashes.
Kelsey, your eyelashes look like snuffy's.
Hey snuffy your eyelashes are HUGE.
by HollyDog January 05, 2011
(US Army) That private nobody likes. Usually an idiot.
1SG: I think there's a minefield right there.
LT: Let's send in Snuffy.

LT: Radio's out, send somebody back to HQ.
1SG: That's 20 miles! Who the hell will do that?
LT: Hey Snuffy, run these for me!
PVT: Yessir happytosir!
by bendman March 03, 2007
possibly the most adorable girl you will ever know, usualy quite short with amazing hair you just cant stop touching.. snuffys are great lovers and well experienced in bed and have an extremely high sex drive.
fuck dude did u see snuffy at the club?

yeah bro she was the dopest chick in the joint!
by mets April 27, 2013
A subordinate of greatly inferior rank.
Lance corporal Bohannon, go grab a snuffy and get those urinals clean.
by megnao flimpis July 04, 2003
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