The act of tickling ones foot while also having anal sex
Bob wanted to snuffle with Tim
by EpicFritos April 17, 2011
Top Definition
to bury your face into someone's side in a manner which tickles and makes them laugh
snuffly wuffly! u should try it, it's fun
by Tori December 26, 2004
An extreme form of snuggling, potentially causing severe injury or death to the recipient.
1. After returning home from work, I found my kitty dead, snuffled to death.

2. I couldn't help it! It was so soft I had to snuffle it! I never knew it would turn out like this!

3. Even though it killed the kitty, it was so worth it.
by S. H. G. October 29, 2008
The act of rubbing your face against something or someone whilst making a cute sniffling noise.
Osama was so excited to see his nephew Obama for the first time in years so Osama rushed to snuffle Obama but was shot in the process. RIP BRO.
by (-.(-.(-.-).-).-) September 14, 2015
When an individual blows their nose into a womans vagina as to achieve lubrication prior to sexual intercourse.
I was really hung over from a night of drinking, so my mouth was completely dry, and my wife's vagina was comparable to the course sands of the Sahara. So I snuffled her.
by AngryMountainPig February 20, 2011
When you have an urge to look at snuff porn. Common among Asians and the like.
Guy #1: Hey Ling Tow, whats the matter?
Ling Tow: I've got the snuffles
*Guy #1 jumps out window and calls the cops*
by Ace Mulato October 08, 2005
a code word, in our language of the flubberdang which we created to keep the tape of anseale a secretivedity, until the time which we get the sacred coon-bean, which then all will be done
damnit gretch, where's snuffles
by Martay February 14, 2003
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