also referred to as "snuffy"; when a talented chic can fit your cock and balls in her mouth while performing oral, and at the same time has the dexterity to tongue your balloon knot.
"Wow Sally, you sure took care of me with that good ol' snuffaluffagus. Can we cuddle?"
by dubbs January 14, 2005
Top Definition
The big mammoth type creature Big Bird sees when he's on acid
no one but Big Bird can see snuffaluffagus cuz big birds always on acid.
by Mr_Blanko February 05, 2005
A big fluffy elephant thing thats really awesome
The thing off of sesame street
by Punkchick May 12, 2003
The act of a man placing one's testicles over a woman's eyes and flopping his penis over her nose; resembling the bug-eyed character from Sesame Street.
Christie was passed out on the couch, and I gave her a snuffaluffagus. Her eyelashes tickled my balls.
by Feed me a stray cat September 22, 2010
A boyfriend or girlfriend in which no one has ever met. The supposed occurance of snuffaluffagi has been dramaticaly increasing due to the popularity of long distance internet dating.
Bob: "Man I hardly ever see Dan anymore since he started seeing that new girl and no one has ever met her. I think he is datig a snuffaluffagus"
by Bushmonkey March 31, 2006
the big wooly mammoth from sesame street with the long hose like nose who talks funny. he is friends with Big bird and is very cute and like to wag his big hose like nose. He is very furry and large and one of the best characters on sesame street along with cookie monster, the grouch , the count and big bird. His color is brown and furry.
Snuffaluffagus is so funny and cute, hes a character on sesame street, he talks to big bird alot.
by snuffalo February 27, 2005
A person with bad allergies, or a head cold, or someone who for no apparent reason sniffles all the time.
Geez dude, take some are such a Snuffaluffagus!
by Ogy68 August 26, 2008
An acoustic indie band hailing from San Diego, California.
"Hey, are you going to see Snuffaluffagus?"

"Yes, of course!"
by Thisisadefinition December 29, 2007
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