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a small short barrel pistol
Jeezy Said "Mac 11 In da club and a snub nosed"
by Jimmy LA April 30, 2007
A revolver, usually a .38, with a two inch or shorter barrel. The best example is the Colt Detective Special.
A snub nose in a shoulder holster has comforted many a plainclothes cop.
by screw pseudonyms September 05, 2009
A compact revolver with a typical barrel length of approximately 2 inches (though 3 inch barrels are not uncommon).
Those jive turkeys demanded I give them my wallet. So I pulled out my snubnose and watched them run away like Pat Robertson running away from a Gay Pride march.
by Dirty Spook July 24, 2008
Colt Cobra .38 Special Revolver
Pull your snubnose to shoot him down.
by Roger Hauer December 08, 2006
1. snub nose shotgun, sawed off shotgun
2. snub nose bitch, stuck up whore, a bitch who is to good for her own self
We're gonna go shoot the snub nose.

Look at that snub nose bitch.
by the_infinitesimal October 15, 2004

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