i) Term used to explain the strange occurence of people reverting to a strange style of gameplay (often mistaken as skill) which is also known as 'jump-spam'.

ii) A person who uses smileys and emoticons excessively.
*DrWhupAss was killed by the flak cannon.*
"Man, I just got snozzled."

by Cheesey October 31, 2003
Top Definition
A term reffering to the nose, derrived from the words Snot and Nozzle hence snozzle.
"Go and blow your snozzle!"
by Nik G October 01, 2005
It is a derogatory word used to describe snobbish obnoxious irritating people. It is also a word that comes from saying douche nozzle extremely fast.
What a snozzle!
by Butchy Boy February 13, 2012
(a) a n00b
(b) term frequently used to explain mishaps and unexplained network failures.
"OMG. The lan's just been snozzled! FFS."
by Tanman %D October 29, 2003
To drink a strong alcaholic drink through the nose, either from a tea spoon or right out of the bottle (if you're really thirsty)
i bet you a double vodka snozzle she isn't wearing any knickers
by bitplane January 02, 2004
The essence of what is comforting, warm, fuzzy, intimate, and relaxing. This word can be used in many ways. See also snozzle house.
(v) to sleep, to cuddle...

Awwwww... baby, do you need to go snozzle?

(adj) Warm, secure, etc..
When it rains but you have the day off with a book, a blanket and a cup of tea, it's a snozzley day.

Where's my snozzle blanket?
by Millsy September 14, 2003
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