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English informal slang for nose.

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A: *punches B in face*
B: You made my snozz bleed!
by Lynn December 13, 2004
Semen chunks on yours hands. Caused by not washing one's hands properly after masturbation.
"Son, I told you to stop picking your nose!"

"Its not boogers dad, its just snozz."
by savehaloz January 21, 2010
A man born in the wrong era
A man born to the wrong era, usually should be from the 60's who believes everything was better in the good old days

"Im such a snozz because I loved the cane and when a teacher would accidentally slip a finger in"
by Azrael'sAnus July 31, 2015
(v) to draw attention to oneself by acting in a pushy manner, often accompanied by noises (snorting, etc) and body movements such as wiggling or shaking.

Most often used to describe animal - human relations, i.e. dogs interacting with humans.

(n) one who snozzes

Iterations: snozzle (n); snozzing (adv); snozzy (adj)
Quit acting like a snozz, Lula, I will go get you a treat!
by baumshteen April 05, 2010

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