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Completely intoxicated and wasted. Not
able to comprehend. Feels the need to do unecessary things, like die their hair red. Loses ability to rhyme and tell time on a clock.
1. I am so snowed in!
2. Emily's hair is red now! She must have been snowed in when that happened yesterday.
3. Jules: " The cat in the.. scarf!"
Lauren: "You can't rhyme, you're snowed in."
4. Emily: "What time is it?"
Catherine: "Uh, uh, duhhhh. On a clock?
Emily: "That crazy CAT is totally snowed in!"
5. "Juan: " I am drunk off my mexican mind!"
Salvador: "Who knew there was snow in Mexico?"
by Juliann and Lauren (EG & CM) July 25, 2008
To be spending time with someone that you are dating
Guy 1: "Ay, where's Avery?"

Guy 2: "Man, he's not coming out. He said he's snowed in tonight."

Guy 1: "He's so in love. Lol"
by DosTres July 02, 2011
when you do so much cocaine you end up not leavig the house
"what happened to youguys last night i thought youwere coming out?"

"yeah..... we got snowed in"
by vdogggg February 02, 2007
while having sex with a girl, you fake an orgasm. when she falls asleep you jerk off on her eyelids so when she wakes up she's snowed in.
my girlfriend was snowed in this morning
by tits 'n' balls November 21, 2009
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