A form of social torture by showing your friends in the Midwest or on the East Coast pictures of sunny Southern California while they are stuck inside during yet another snowstorm.
I spent most of the morning at work "snowboarding" the guys in the Chicago office.


Cheri was sorry she choose a school back East, having been "snowboarded" by her friends at UCLA.
by Aaron the donut guy February 02, 2011
Snowboarding is the new skiing.
I am the only fifteen year of skier I know of, but my friends enjoy snowboarding.
by Cogitator August 14, 2008
when you skeet on a girls chest and then titty fuck her.
"God that girl has great tits i would love to go snowboarding on her" said Ross
by sl;kjcdz May 15, 2007
Not just sports but also a way of life! It is truly one of the best things all around the world.
It seems very usual for instant snowboarders to be alters or something like this.
Music bands popular between snowboarders are Sum41 PapaRoach and some not so famous ones especially nationally known .
Ride or die!
dude - what are u going to do this weekend?
a snowaboarder - snowboarding! , i mean, getting up at 6 a.m. buying beer taking the bus to the hill and get FUN!
by dimitrious October 22, 2006
neo-skiing, where participants use one board and not two. Also known as one of the most labor intensive sports to learn. Has a drammatically faster learning curve than skiing.
Me: I have been skiing for eight years, and I figured out snowboarding on my first day.
Dude: Would you do it again?
Me: If I ever get a nice long winter to be able to develope the skill.
by Pius Aeneas September 13, 2008
snowboading was invented by a skiier that was soooo high he foregot where he put his other ski.
...a high or drunker skiier who began snowboarding.
by Mentalreject9029 January 22, 2007
A sport in which you infuriate others by sitting in the middle of the run, just waiting to get run into. The point is to scrape all the powder off the hill until there is nothing but ice. Could be compared to a windshield wiper. Also, 2 sticks = 2 times the possible tricks. Snowboarders create a hilarious spectacle when trying to go anywhere in flat areas, and when exiting chairlifts.
The skier, unaware of the person "snowboarding" just sitting in the middle of the run, "accidentally" decapitated him while bombing down a daimond.
by Seattleness December 28, 2007
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