n. - A hobo that shovels driveways for money, food, or favour. Usually carrying a shovel over each shoulder bound behind his head with a plastic shopping bag.
Our driveway looks great! We got a passing Snowbo to shovel it for us.
by kinghorsey January 05, 2009
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homeless person or people in the snow.
i was out sledding and i saw a snowbo.
by monkey32497 March 14, 2010
n. - a snowman made of snow that has collected dirt from the ground, giving it a dirty appearence like that of a hobo; a portmanteau of "snowman" and "hobo."
Jonny: "Hey Steve, check out this snowman I just made. It's got a little dirt in it, but it's still pretty cool."

Steve: "Dude, that's a lot of dirt. That's no snowman, that's a snowbo."
by TeamRocketMASTER December 26, 2008
This is a hobo who prefers to live in colder areas such as Alaska
1: Oh my is that man sleeping outside in the snow dead
2: No dear thats a "Snowbo"
by BumToad February 07, 2011

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