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homeless person or people in the snow.
i was out sledding and i saw a snowbo.
by monkey32497 March 14, 2010
Hobo that migrates to warmer weather during the winter as the snowbirds do.
Damn, the snowbo's are back in town. Spooning eachother to keep warm at the neighborhood park.
by Miss Gasbag March 13, 2015
n. - A hobo that shovels driveways for money, food, or favour. Usually carrying a shovel over each shoulder bound behind his head with a plastic shopping bag.
Our driveway looks great! We got a passing Snowbo to shovel it for us.
by kinghorsey January 05, 2009
n. - a snowman made of snow that has collected dirt from the ground, giving it a dirty appearence like that of a hobo; a portmanteau of "snowman" and "hobo."
Jonny: "Hey Steve, check out this snowman I just made. It's got a little dirt in it, but it's still pretty cool."

Steve: "Dude, that's a lot of dirt. That's no snowman, that's a snowbo."
by TeamRocketMASTER December 26, 2008
This is a hobo who prefers to live in colder areas such as Alaska
1: Oh my is that man sleeping outside in the snow dead
2: No dear thats a "Snowbo"
by BumToad February 07, 2011
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