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A sexual act when many males, usually more than 3, all masturbate into the mouth of one female in the middle of all of them. When the final male ejaculates he says "wait don't swallow I want to see what we all did" or something to that effect. He then punches her in the side of the face hard enough so that she spits out all of the cum and it looks like a snowblower.
Man 1: Dude, me and my posse gave your mom a snowblower lastnight.
Man 2: Thats nice!
Man 1: you idiot a snowblower is where many dudes cum in a girls mouth and punch her in the face
Man 2: you assholes...
by Blacknail polish October 21, 2008
When a girl is giving you head to a girl who doesn't swallow and you blow your load in her mouth. You then hold her mouth shut and all the sperm will come out of her nose.
I gave my girl friend a snow blower yeserday. It was kick ass.
by Nick.Nizzle January 21, 2007
Someone who snorts alot of cocaine
your mother is a snow blower
by Bobina July 05, 2005
Some one, usually a man, who enjoys semen in their mouth,
Dude, that gay is such a snowblower
by Fiery Phoenix April 23, 2003
When a man/woman covers their mouth and eyes with their hands, and then starts to sniff real hard while another man/woman simultaneously farts on a massive pile of cocaine, sending a blow-infested fart cloud careening into the lucky guy/girl's nose.
"Birry you'll never guess what I did last night. I gave Phir a snowblower in front of his grandparents!"
by JuanitoElJefito March 10, 2009
What makes the snowman very happy.
The snowman was in a good mood because he saw the snowblower coming down the street.
by SnowmenRule December 08, 2004
have bootie sex and right before you cum, pull out and do it on the ass-crack. then she leans over and farts in your face, thus blowing jizz and a fart on you.
man 1: Man, i love getting snow blowers from hot chicks.
man 2: awwww thats disgusting, thou shalt burnith in hell for thine sins
by Monkey_FuKer_666 December 10, 2004

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