Term for when you are so hung over and drunk the night before work or school you just say "fuck it" and don't show up.
It's 3 am...we need to head home...

Dude, tomorrow is a snow day for me...I aint going to work...

Lauren was doing shots at 4 am and knew Thursday was going to be a snow day!
by B. Hanback January 17, 2009
The two sweetest words in the english language.

A somewhat rare occurrence in Winter months.
"Yo, there's a snow day tomorrow. Let's sleep ti'l 1 o'clock then go out and throw ice at cars.
"Word! Snow days are the shit!
by occultaura February 26, 2010
Calling a personal snow day, despite clear weather and no snow on the ground, on account of being lazy. Often used in college after a night of drinking, one declares a snow day followed by skipping all classes/meetings to play video games. Snow days may even be called for summer classes. Originating from Western Illinois University, Washington Hall 7.
It's another snow day, I'm not doing a damn thing all day.

Nah, I didn't go to class, I called it a snow day.
by Dave710 January 21, 2005
A day in winter when a large amount of snow falls in a short amount of time making travel difficult. Schools close for this reason. Usually enjoyed unless you are older in which case you have to shovel. Has become increasingly common in the Northern Midwest and New England over the past few years.
Guy 1: Hey did you see the weather forecast?
Guy 2: Yea, 15 inches of snow tomorrow.
Guy 1: You know what that means...
Guy 2: SNOWDAY!!!

Teacher: Hmm chance of snow for next week.
Student: it will be a snow day.
Teacher: No it wont
Student: Yes it will we live in Wisconsin.
by Distance4life February 11, 2010
what you don't get in Tempe AZ in less some miracle of god happens and it snows.
girl 1; I hope it snows so we can have a snow day!!
Girl 2; shut up u idiot. we don't get snow days we get 'oh damn the air conditioner broke we're screwed' days
by Lexx55 August 01, 2009
1) Potentially the best use of snow since the invention of a snowball.

2) An excuse for lazy teachers, bus drivers, and of course the parents of students who are overworried about poor driving conditions and the saftey of their children.
Yes! A snow day. I think I'll sit inside making definitions of epic things on UD.
by bunstofuns February 23, 2010
the canadian version of a green day.
person a -"Holy shit, look at all the snow outside. I'm not trekking to school through all that!"
person b -"Break out the bong, buddy, we're havin' a snow day!"
by circadian rythm March 05, 2008
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