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The finest seafood known to man.

Real men use their teeth to crack the hard shell of the snow crab.
Snow crabs own king crabs.
by Syrenia November 02, 2010
A person that dislikes winter so much that they are constantly in a grumpy mood throughout the entire season. During the cold winter months they have a lack of patience and are very irritable, especially on a day with lots of snow. During the other seasons they are jolly people, but the cold brings out their inner crab for months at a time.
John: "I came home from Christmas shopping and started showing some of the stuff I bought to Dave. He snapped at me and was really mean for no reason"

Joe: "Dave always get like this during the winter when it's all cold and snowy. He is a real snow crab"
by John Jee September 01, 2013