a nose, no special defining characteristics, simply a nose
There's a booger hangin out your snotbox
by Evan February 11, 2005
Top Definition
your nose
i hit that bitch in her snot box and made her eyes water
by Jay Wood August 10, 2003
the big booger carrier in the center of ur stupid face
If u dont shut the fuck up, im guna fist pump you right in the snot box..
by thatS NOT funny September 22, 2010
A vanilla slice: two slices of pastry with vanilla custard in between. Usually topped with flavoured icing.
I had two maggot bags and a snot box for smoko.
by MarkA December 15, 2004
A woman's Vagina what has the STD Gonorrea
Dude don't go with her she has a Snot box
by B.I.G. Chief April 22, 2006
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