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A snot block is a Victorian AUS word for a vanilla slice.
Can I please have two snot blocks?
by Chloé June 08, 2003
Snotblocking is when you shout the preemptive "Bless you" to someone that is about to sneeze.

This may also apply to someone that has sneezed once and looks like they are going to sneeze again.

The sneeze version of cockblock.
Bless you, bro!
Imma sneeze again... <AA..
Bless you
Damn you! You totally snotblocked me!
by Donfuji January 20, 2012
When you try to talk but get stopped by an excessive amount of mucus in your throat. Usually happens when you have a cold and sniff too much rather than blowing your nose.
No fair! I wanted to call padiddle but I was stopped by another snot block, gross!
by A. Jean February 15, 2010
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