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Its a stupid term made up from the chicano gang known as u "Sureños".
The term became widespread as more sureños started invading the territory of their enemies, the "Norteños".
Its a stupid way for them to state the fact that they live in Northern California, but the add the S in front of the N to avoid pronouncing just the end. This is for them to show that Sureños are more powerful
"Sureno from L.A"
Ey vato...i see u got a blue rag but you got the 415 area code tattoed on your neck eh?

"Sureno from up North"
Yea homie, im a sureño but i was born up Snorth, Frisco...Lower Mission District to be exact. These busters hate us but cant detain us.
by ComptonX4 January 12, 2014

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