Top Definition
the sniffing of a penis
snort jobs are very much like blow jobs but instead of mouth penis, you put your nose to a penis
by alsjfksngkdnh May 25, 2009
Has two requirements: hookers and blow. Once both of the aforementioned are obtained one must then aquire a spicy hot boner. Once all of these have come together make a line of blow on the aforementioned spicy hot boner using a credit card and/or fingers (razors could be quite painful). To then aquire the desired result have the hooker snort the blow off. For added fun a mushroom stamp can always be added to remind the hooker who is boss.
Last night I got some good hooker and had her bring over some blow. I had that bitch give me a snort job and then slapped my mushroom dick across her face. It only cost me 5 bucks!
by Jeffrey Madl July 04, 2006

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