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A condition in which the corona and frenulum of the penis (the "mushroom"-esque part) are significantly wider than the shaft. Sometimes a result of poor circumcision.
He ain't need no ribbed condoms, he got that mushroom dick!
by whatwhatwhat December 03, 2007
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this is an circumcised penis
I'm so glad I have a mushroom dick because I never have to worry about getting a bad case of dick cheese.
by Karl Bakla June 26, 2005
either a circumcised penis, or a non-circumcised penis in which the foreskin is always kept pulled back
I'm so glad I'm not circumcised, that means I get to keep my my foreskin pulled back from the mushroom part of my mushroom dick thus avoiding "dick cheese", then push it back over whenever I want, and STILL not have any fucked-up cosmetic surgery on my cock
by mr mushroom November 12, 2006

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