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a term which one may use to humour a situation or insult a peer in an amusing fashion. Often used by males about women to describe a womans sexual desire for that individual male.
Telling a friend:

Kyle: "Jade is so wet for me i need a snorkle when i go down on her."
Zac: "i know man, i heard its like an ocean."
This would be the action of 'snorkling'
by S-man123 February 08, 2012
The act of giving oral sex to a male underwater
I walked out to the pool and saw Jan snorkling on Jon
by carpmentor October 18, 2007
When a pussy is so big that you can get your whole head in there and need snorkling gear to breath.
Man, she was so loose that I went snorkling.
by MR1119 November 19, 2007
to cum in a woman's vagina or man's anus and then suck it out with a straw is the true definition of snorkling
after cumming, jesse decided he wanted to go snorkling as well.
by rustytugjon February 28, 2007
The action of giving a hand job while licking of the asshole is is commencing
Originated from a personal experience and snorkling was the first thing that came to mind
by Jpizzle88 June 16, 2009
to eat out a fat womens vagina.
when going down on a fat women one may need snorkling gear....
by jimmy kilberg February 15, 2005