the act of pulling up your shirt collar, and placing your shirt sleeve in clean air so that you can overcome the poisioning of a fart dropped in your vicinity
I had to snorkel for a while, JOe really shit himself in the car
by Richard Hertz Call me Dick October 03, 2006
This advanced sexual maneuver begins with two men in a bathtub filled with warm water, preferably around 85 degrees fahrenheit. One of the men dons a mask, snorkel, and swim fins, and manually stimulates the other man's penis with both hands until it ejaculates underwater. He then dips the open end of his snorkel deep below the surface, and sucks up the clouds of liquid before they have time to dissolve, swallowing them whole.
"Oh, and Carlos left a message for you. Something about going snorkeling later."
by Diver Dan March 31, 2008
A sexual act where a tall man (a spaniard, for example) leads a much shorter man (e.g. a slavik dwarf) into the sea or ocean. When the water becomes too deep for the dwarf to breathe without swimming, the taller man forces the dwarf's head under water and shoves his cock in the dwarf's mouth, mimicking a snorkel.

Especially effective if the dwarf's body floats up in the water so that he is only tethered by his head.

"What the hell are those two guys up to?"

"Looks like the short one's wearing a snorkel."
by sheling May 29, 2008
To ejaculate in one's orafice, usually the anus, then suck the seman out with a straw.
I wouldn't hang out with that couple, I hear they snorkel.
by Jack Diesal February 04, 2005
When a girl rides your nose like dildo while you persist to eat the rectum
Sussanah and I performed the snorkel last night. I had a runny nose for the rest of the week.
by snorkel November 03, 2014

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