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verb.-to put something up the anal or vaginal cavity that does not belong naturally. If you don't indicate what with it is understood to be a dildo.
I am about to snorkel your ass with a baseball bat.
I snorkled your mom last night
by markdavidoff January 25, 2005
8 43
cocaine,blow, white lines
did you ask big poppie for some snorkel?
by lilcheet October 19, 2004
3 38
Show us your snorkel, pecker.
by dlack September 07, 2004
9 44
Oh My God! I can't believe nobody knows a real snorkel! It's when a girl is giving you a blowjob and when you are about to come you stick your dick deeper down her throat and pinch her nose. Your dick IS the snorkel.
I stuck my dick down Leyla's throat and pinched her nose when i was about to nut and gave her a snorkel.
by SMuOpKE August 31, 2006
35 71
while recieving a blowjob; before busting a nut, you cover her mouth so she has to breath from her nose and jizz in her nostrals, thus creating a snorkel effect
Dude!!! I gave that whore a snorkel last night!!! Yeah!!!
by chazz!!chazz!!chazz!! May 03, 2007
6 43
The act of farting in the bathtub and then consuming the bubble that rises.
Carmen San Diego loves to snorkel.
by Vagina Fitz-Gerald November 22, 2006
2 40
To take one's own flacid penis and stretch through one's own legs and put it in one's own anus.
I was bored at the family reunion so I stuck my own dick in my own ass and went snorkeling
by Andrew Ritchie August 24, 2005
7 45