slang term for vagina.
Her snoosh caught on fire and her peehole melted shut.
by wwh4 May 02, 2013
Top Definition
When a cat lightly touches you with its nose as an affectionate gesture. (a cats loving kiss)
My cat gave me a snoosh with its nose.
by Christine Hauser May 17, 2008
when a baby crinkles up his/her nose and then blows out of it in a cute gesture of dislike.
The baby snooshed after tasting the peas.
by jessicooka August 17, 2009
cardboard tube, stuffed with dryer sheets. you hits the marijuana, you blows it in the t00bz, and there you go.
dude, next time you fart use the fuckin snoosh.
i used the snoosh, so my momz didnt freak about the reefer.
by Atler Lansing February 02, 2004
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