finely ground tobacco take orally. not as fine as snuff which is pulverized.... skoal is snoose.
old old word.
by gordon schmordon April 28, 2003
A snoose is a pinch of dip or smokeless tobacco
I realized that I was addicted to dip when I threw in a snoose before I even got out of bed.
by Michael Shaw November 16, 2006
The tightened area of your scrotum where the two hemispheres of your sac meet.
Man when jenny shaved my sac she sure tickled my snoose!
by donniefarto October 03, 2009
The action of watching a light up christmas tree at night, usually during christmas eve and usually by your lonesome. While snoosing an overwhelming feeling of happiness towards the christmas holiday usually occurs.
John snuck out of his room to go snoose before he went to bed on Christmas eve.
by Shawn Sullivan July 18, 2006
A goose and snake in one - snoose! Observed in Cabo Mexico, an indescribable action performed by an an animal now refered to as a snoose.

Can be used as a noun, expletive or verb. Image gladly provided upon request.
"Don't be such a snoose" "What the snoose!" "Stop snoosing around"
by Tanya & Amy May 18, 2005
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