A female who is so under the influence of the Dogfather, that she is willing to submit to sexual acts, show her boobs, or do both on "wild" video's. Said hoe may also become 'crew', and perform the same acts for homies of snoop, cause it aint no fun if they cant have none. thus now becoming a groupie of Snoop Dog.
Jillian just wanted to have a little fun at Mardi Gras, next thing she knew she was a snoopy groupie, and giving blimpkins to Snoop and his whole crew. Have you seen the tape?
by GD July 20, 2004
Top Definition
A bi-atch that follows Snoop around trying to get sex or pot.
Damn, I don't think I've ever seen that many snoopy groupies in one place!
by Bennett July 18, 2004
A skanky bitch that wants Snoop Dogg to slap her with the meat.

A groupy of extremely succesful rapper Snoop Dogg/Snoop Doggy Dog. Willing to do anything sexual with Snoop.
See that Snoopy Groupie? I'd like to pull up to her bumper and lay a hittin on that bitch.

Four Snoupie Groupies orgied with Snoop Dogg last night, and he still managed to take a few hits from his bong in the process.
by Dispatch Kick Ass July 16, 2004
a woman who hangs around snoop dogg for sex. of course, i'm white so I wouldn't exactly know.
Yo, holmes she is a total snoopy groupie.
by jajajajaj July 23, 2004
when like dawgs listen to snoopdog AKA Snoopy Dizzle ya'll is considad a snoopie groupie
Yo dog...is ya'll a snoopy groupie cuz ya'll listen to too much snoop dog
by Victoria Dayton July 23, 2004
a girl that's willing to do anything for a dude and his crew
man that snoop groupie smashed me and ma friends
by CMB July 24, 2004
someone who enjoys masturbating to the comic "Peanuts"
Whenever I see the Peanuts I always get really excited because I am an extreme Snoopy Grupie.
by katie m July 23, 2004
pre-adolescent female who obsesses about "cute" images/cartoons ... sadly, said obsession does not necessarily end as one passes into adulthood
"You'd think she was 11 or something, that SNOOPY GROUPIE, the way she has Garfield figurines and cuts out Cathy comic strips ..."
by meaty ogre July 23, 2004
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