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To "Snool" - as in the art of "Snooling" - is to stealthily place your penis into a sexual partner's mouth, while they are sleeping.

A "failed snool" is when the subject awakens, usually inflicting severe pain on your manhood in the process.

"Speed snooling" is a sport, where one snools as many people as possible in a set amount of time.

"Even though I enjoyed being snooled, I opened my eyes at the last second so that jake knew he had failed to snool me!"
by Robert Dobbs July 05, 2007
To snool is to place ones genitals into the snoring mouth of ones sleeping partner.
I snooled with my wife last night.
by Nikky Louise June 27, 2007
Mixture of drool and snot.
Little Jacob's teething and sniffles created a steady stream of snool down his chin and onto his shirt.
by Sev Z. August 07, 2009
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