To take a dip of chewing tobacco.
Dude, can I get a snoo from you?
by Evan March 09, 2005
You will have to get him to send you a incoherent e-mail to understand The Meaning of Snoo!
Snooman comes from Snooland and smokes Snoogarettes in the back of a Snoo-Van.
by Dracula of Dust September 27, 2003
one that is a big homo and not in a nice way cant be a girl or a guy only an andres (and it means they look funny to)
stop being a fucking snoo fat ass
by seb411 September 22, 2006
one big fgt one huge fgt there so gay you can smell it off of them
yo andres your a snoo
by dont need to now September 14, 2006

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