Past tense of "snow". Alternative to "snowed" and more accostically pleasing.
I can't belive it snoo yesterday!
by Ktwatt March 17, 2009
a shortened form of "what's new"
snoo witchu these days??
by dulcinea June 17, 2007
A mixture of semen and peanut butter.
"You got some snoo on your shirt."
"Whats snoo?"
"Nothing whats new wit you"
by indubitable darkness December 28, 2009
Another word for cum,came,jizz,jizzed or any derivative of many different words for cum
"Hey you've got some snoo on your lip"
by PysKo February 26, 2010
1)A woman's vagina, esp. referring to one which is laden with undesirable qualities. 2)An undesirable, loud-mouthed and outspoken female. (see also: Total fucking bitch
"Hey, Mark! I'm gonna make your mouth look like an exit wound, you prick!"
"Yeah? Just come here and try it--I'll kick you right in the snoo!"
by Uncle Filthy February 21, 2010
a little/funny looking/disabled/old person. multiple snoos make up a snoomunity, of which the princess snoo is the leader and alex franklin is her second in command. when one snoo sees another they have to say "SNOOOO" to point each other out.
"im just a cheeky snoo OK?"


by Snoofy August 03, 2007
A dry tobacco stick that is ignited, the resulting smoke of which is drawn into the lungs for its nicotine.
Omfg,I needs me a snoo.
by Person McClawbauer August 24, 2007

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