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(v)1.A way to comunicate to your partner that you want to go sneak somewhere private to have sex. Normally used in front of your parents or grandparents in normal everyday conversation so they don't understand your true intentions of the word. Thus confuseing them and they look at you like your crazy but it's right under there noses.

2. Amazonian language from futurama word to initiate sex.
3.To make Fuck.

Can also be followed with guzunga which means I want to touch your tities. (from the movie Encino Man) And or Ugh which is caveman languange for fuck.
Sentence:Snoo snoo guzunga ugh snoo snoo.

Translation: I want to have sex and touch your titties. Fuck I wanna fuck.
by dotdot650 February 21, 2013

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