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Often emotional and elitist and pompous jackass of pbnations small talk. Convinced that because of his anonymity of the nation that he can control the ST GDT and tell anyone who enters to leave.

He is a man with children who acts like a child himself.
"I've done some research on your posting habits. Leave now and never come back.- snoller"
by the truth bringer2 July 26, 2009
A famous, or shall I say imfamous post within "small talk" on PbNation. The man has hit legendary status and is feared because of his harsh insults. The ultimate badass.
Do not capitalize the "s" in snoller, fool.
by They call me CDN July 10, 2008
A straight up hilarious badass.
"I wish I was a snoller"
by ie ` Aquaman June 03, 2008