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a shitty but humble little town in washington full of old people and kids that walk around town for "fun" anyways they make a big deal about sports cause thats all we have. the funnnest things arent even in the town
1.movies in (monroe)
im surprised most people havent left snohomish. i mean sure it has good character since the town has been around24357-0 years. dont even come visit it only has one motel and you will probably get bored the first hour but hey you could always go walk around town haha.
guy1:i love snohomish cause theres always something to do
guy1:no haha.
by kadence123 January 25, 2010
45 23
1.Somewhat small town. Populated with a myriad of species. Hangouts include, but are not limited to;
-Wired & Unplugged
-Pilchuck Drive In
-Parking Lots
2.Town with too many old people...not enough cool places...AND WAY TOO MANY ANTIQUE STORES!
Everett Dude 1:What's there to do tonight?

Everett Dude 2:Dude...NOTHING!

Everett Dude 1:What are we, Snohomish Now?

Everett Dude 3: Well let's party train to the boonies and have a PARTY!
by \m/Anthony\m/ April 23, 2008
27 14
an entertaining place full of stoners :D
this place is cool to some
and hell to others
its uselessly dramatic
and the schools are shit.
i personally hate this place passionitly
but i know many people that wouldnt leave here ever
so i guess, its fun to visit and hangout in
but living here sucks
specially if you dont even live in town
go snoho
but then again
fuck it
woo i just moved here snohomish is amazing :D

two years later...

ugh why am i still here snohomish sucks ballllls
by keg? =pp. May 14, 2008
22 27