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The hair on a mans neck (sometimes called neck pubes) which is a cross between head hair, and body hair. It is called snodgrass when it gets out of control.
Tony's hair cut is nice, but he has got to get that snodgrass under control.
by big howard January 11, 2007
1. A heavy drinking individual of Gaelic decent. Usually addicted to some form of illegal substance with alcohol.

2. Senseless violence directed towards unsuspecting or undeserving emo.
Oh shit, that snodgrass passed out drunk on my coach again.

Hey emo kid, we're gonna open a can of snodgrass on your ass.
by Bradly Frost February 27, 2008
A typical businessman who works 24/7, and only cares about work.
Frank worked from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. All he cared about was work,work,work. He is such a snodgrass.
by ThatPoptart January 16, 2012
usually a fat roley poley sort of guy, who no one really likes because they just generally suck at everything they do and try to act funny, the sort of person that makes people leave as fast as they can
fuck that Snodgrass is here lets leave
by hardr22 September 08, 2010
(noun. snahd-grass.) A nasty pussy.
I was all horned up to finger her pussy until I found out that it was a snodgrass.
by Dani Tatro August 06, 2005
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