1. to lick someones muff.
2. to watch other people root like racehoures
1. i licked your mums snitch, you fucking homo
2. "last night i went of dom prowses and licked lucys fat snitchle" (boyahh from rumphies shed.)
by luke coleman November 30, 2005
who steal other peoples lyrics and beats
ja rule is snitches tupac lyrics
by blitz jean January 03, 2004
a teyleff in lil bitch like they say when the grass is low the snakes show peace out jordan
da brother from another mother is a snitchesty aint all good if ya in da hood
by jordan t September 26, 2006
Suck Nits In The Cuntz Hair
my night was filled with SNITCH
by yensta April 05, 2003
Snitches don't do anything wrong, they do the right thing... they're not cowards like the rest...they are true brave HEROES!
" Yeah snitches piss people off, then just do the right thing if you don't want to be snitched on. "
by the-truth October 15, 2005
So who do you think snitched us out?

- Must have been that Albin guy!
by Albin Brownass October 09, 2014

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