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Evan Keller; To be rude, mean, snobby.
Evan is quite snippy.
by Molly Franichevich January 13, 2008
(n): A term commonly used by authority figures, parents, and teachers to young children meaning something close to 'sassy' or 'short'; having attitude
Young man, don't you get snippy with me!
by AnnabelleAnnabelle September 06, 2007
Background: Derek
Definition: "someone who gets frustrated and mad easily"
Stop being so snippy
by sexylady February 24, 2005
1.One who is clever and quick witted.

2. A type of comment that is usually followed by a zing! or buurrrrn!
1. That guy is sooo snippy, he could outwit a fox!

2.That was quite a snippy comment Reginald, he won't be able to sit for weeks!
by Arman Tamzarian March 31, 2005