when an extremely cold snapple bottle is placed on a nipple (usually by accident), the said nipple becomes a snipple.
"i accidentally gave my girlfriend a snipple last night... she screamed..."
by jennifer nasherson December 08, 2008
A pithy comment.
He came up with a nifty snipple to rebutt her accusations.
by cl0ckw0rk0dyssey May 03, 2010
When a guy snorts a girl's nipple
K - man, my nipples are so sore
C - why?
K - my boyfriend was giving me a snipple for ages last night
by KarenBlahKaren February 08, 2008
just a little bit; a teensy-weensy amount.
Sarah: Duuuude. I thought I only took a snipple of Ecstasy, but now I'm seeing unicorns.

Paige: Bro...can I have some?
by Sarth May 23, 2010
A word that normally means you're a dork. Also can be used to described things. A great adjective to use towards someone !
"Hey, you're such a snipple. Quit fooling around!"
by Mrs. Glucknut April 03, 2009
a little bitty piece of paper that is left after you cut paper and have cleaned up all that you are going to clean up - the rest (snipples) you are going to throw on the floor
snipples make good hamster litter
by huh December 10, 2003
1.snap+nipples. Its an expression when its cold and when you see a hot chick
*50 cent passes by*
alstin:oh snipples!!!!!!

*jessica alba passes by*
Stakes:oh snipples!!!
by dokphenom January 20, 2008

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