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the act of hiding in the closet and vigorously beating off while your friend is fucking a girl doggystyle on the bed, then right before your about to spluge you run out of the closet and blow a load in the girls face
last night i skeeted all in nikkis face when i was a sniper in the hole
by weasel May 01, 2005

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is the act of doing a girl doggy style and she is facing a closet. while the two are banging the male's friend is hiding in the closet masturbating. The guy fucking the girl is advised to hold onto all of the girl's hair to the point she cat move her head, and then the friend pops out of the closet and blows all over the girl's face.
sniper in the hole first performed by the great loeffler
by patel88 February 20, 2007