A replacement for the word shit. Often used by pros like Se7oluTion_, Calam1ty, and NuMbeR FIve0.
Se7oluTion_:Man, your such a snip.
Calam1ty:Nah, that queer over there is a snip.
NuMbeR FIve0:I know, what a little sniplet.
by Se7oluTion_ January 21, 2007
A word with multi meanings. Examples of meanings are: To fuck, to steal, to cut down, to explore,
To Fuck: Last night I snipped her.
To steal: Did you just snip that guys car?
To cut down: You just snipped his argument!
To Explore: I'm in the basement snipping it out
by kitdfohs April 27, 2005
pins spelled backwards
Get those illegal snip outta my truck
by nicole May 29, 2004
is one of the fuckin gayest internet connections ever fuck snip and fuck u bri
bri fucked snip up the ass
by max December 09, 2004
God of ALL 133Ts' and member of the Newgrounds BBS.
Anyone who's 133t bows too Snips
by Chaz December 04, 2004
Worthy of attention, hip, awesome, cool. Snip is an adjective with no pejorative connotation. It is often used as an interjection.

Wow, that band was totally snip.

Check out this snip book.
by moonbug November 12, 2006

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