Someone who is /for/ the budgetary cuts proposed by the current British government.

Given that scissors have become a symbol of the cuts, the word 'snip' is a natural definition of someone who supports what it epitomises. It is also monosyllabic, as well as being homophonic and alliterative with its antonym, the 'sic', someone who is against the cuts.
Student #1: I've had it with these snips here. Don't they see what they're sayin-

Student #2: Oi - I'm a snip mate.

Student #1: What?! All this time I thought you were a sic!

Student #2: I was, but I changed my mind.
by inertia87 December 13, 2010
n. people with circumcised penises, ie., penises whose foreskins have been 'snipped' off.
1. "At my New Zealand high school, we had two groups of boys: snips and skins. They had hand gesture signs and everything!"
by rupulaughs December 22, 2009
the place between your nose and your mouth.
"your snip is showing mike"
"i no that joke its the thing between your nose and mouth."
by *Urban dictionary Staff* March 21, 2009
House, Home, Crib, Domestic Domicile
1. Aight yall, I'm headin' back to the snip, catch yall later.

2. Oh man, hells yea, I gots that back at the snip.
by FreshBreaker September 21, 2009
circumscision. usually used by uncut men. most men in america have had the snip. jews and muslims are snipped for religious reasons.
have you had the snip
by calloom May 22, 2006
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