God terrible weed. It usually smells like shit and no matter how hard you try, or how much you smoke, you will never get high. Snicklefritz has the same quality and characteristics of schwag.
Leopold: "Yo lets go schmoke a fat bowl!"
Scott: "Nah man, we aint got no weed."
Leopold: "Let's hit up dat nigga Ray!"
Scott: "Nah man all dat nigga gots is snicklefritz...faggot"
by BawlzZz! January 21, 2009
The cat from the 1993 show, The Big Comfy Couch.
Used when someone is being fresh.
Be nice, Snicklefritz!!

You're such a Snicklefritz!!
by Daisy May 24, 2005
Snicklefritz is a slang term for low-quality, compressed brick-form cannabis, generally from Mexico.
"Is this that dro cousin?"
"Naw man, this is just some straight up snicklefritz."
by TheMethodManMethod August 28, 2008
A strain of marijuana, (cannabis sativa), which was first heard in the 2008 comedy movie, Pineapple Express.
"This guy isn't getting anything high grade...he's getting the snicklefritz"

by DopestDopeEverSmoked January 28, 2009
a girl with a stinky vagina
mary has a snicklefritz
by achillesbro April 05, 2009
Bad or cheap weed/marijuana
you, as my friend, get the pineapple express. this fool gets the snicklefritz.
by rockgod913456 August 12, 2008

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