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A sexyyyy promiscuous young gay man with Edward Cullen hair style that hooks up with all the dankest hotties WITH MAD SWAG and meets them at gaymart ;)
gay guy 1-"the little snicker doodle is so effin' fineeee"

gay guy -"awww yeaa"
by troll humping March 11, 2011
5 2
1. the most delicious cookie ever invented ever
2. the awesomest word in the english language ever
by CAPTAIN LOOPYHEAD November 17, 2010
20 18
well pretty much snickerdoodles grow on edible trees and you can pick them while riding a llama soo yer next time youre on a lllama just ride past and pick up a snickerdoodle coz they ar scrumptios!!!
eg1 yum yum yum leisha says snickerdoodles are yummy

eg2 yum yum yum jck says jck is yummy and he likes snickerdoodles to.
by leisha is a llama January 27, 2010
5 3
Verb: To zing someone's ass crack. Similar to a Ginger Snap, which is done specifically on a redhead.
Wife: Ow! What the hell was that?
Me: I just snickerdoodled you. Want another?
by Pareeha1 February 19, 2014
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A man whose male anatomy is so small that it makes you giggle.
He told me he was Long Dong Silver, but he was just a snickerdoodle.
by ilovegeeks469 March 05, 2013
2 1
A word used to replace a swear word. Can be used to replace any swear word, but most commonly used to replace the word 'shit'.
Holy Snickerdoodles!

Man, that scared the snickerdoodles out of me!
by Genisay September 24, 2011
2 1
1. n. A sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar before baking
2. v. Dipping one's balls in cinnamon and sugar before being licked
"I ate a snicker doodle because I like cookies."

"One does not simply teabag when one can snicker doodle"
by Dirtymarriedcouple November 09, 2013
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