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v. to jizz blast
n. jizz
adj. (snickerdoodlish)a substance resembling snickerdoodle.
He was a gentleman and snickerdoodled on my belly rather than my face.
by Leen Mean January 08, 2009
The art of a female performing anal cunnilingus on the male while he defacates and ejaculates at the same time and then she eats both.
"After I get my pubic hair weaved I'm coming over for a snickerdoodle and a pepsi, so get that fine ass ready"
by LBTizzle2 November 09, 2009
A kind of gay cookie. Also can be a gay man or woman.
I never knew you were a snicker doodle
Can I have a snicker doodle?
by Carolynet May 24, 2007
No where near as great as a honeybunny.
Man, she sure is a snickerdoodle, but she definately isn't a honeybunny.
by Cornmuffin December 18, 2005
a big long dick. one you will fear forever.
man, my snickerdoodle is frowning.
by rick de dick March 11, 2006
A little bitch.
"Pete Snedeker is a total snickerdoodle."
by The Chunternator May 13, 2004
a cute little fart; one that would come out of the ass of tara reid, or britney spears; a slight toot, followed by *tee hee*
pff *tee hee*, aww honey, that was such a cute little snickerdoodle
by KDIZZO March 24, 2005