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To be cut off because you drank to many adult beverages.
Dave is snickerdoodled, don't give him anymore beer.
by ImDave April 21, 2013
Getting snickerdoodled is when you get dumped by someone with no real explanation or a really crappy explanation; often it can come with no real warning and leave you feeling aloof with no purpose in life or really angry for a few weeks.
Gary: "Hey man, how are you and Angela?"
Paul: "Not that good man, she broke up with me last week."
Gary: "Dude, I'm sorry! You've been together for like two years. Did she say why?"
Paul: "Not really, it was so out of the blue too."
Gary: "That's rough man; you got snickerdoodled hardcore."
by Keebtank September 24, 2013