Any man of African American decent. - Referencing the elongated fecal-phallic nature of a black mans sexual member.

Also known as:
Snickah Dick, Snicker, Snukkah,
"Mommy Look! A Snickerdick raping a white girl and eating watermelon at the same time!"

"Check out dat Snickah Dick's Lips!"

#snickerdick #snicker #snickahdick #snickah #snikka #snukkah
by rabblehouse June 16, 2008
Top Definition
When fucking someone in the ass who is not clean or prepared and removing your cock to have it covered in smears or chunks of defecation.
Jeremy must have had too much Thai food last night, because when we fucked later on he gave me a major snickerdick.
#cock #ass #fucking #anal #scat
by Electronicoffee May 04, 2011
A guy with a dark dick and it taste like chocolate and caramel and has nuts with it.
That over guy over there has a snickerdick like haqmud.
#henry #siu #snickerdick #haqmud #nigger
by Henry Siu November 01, 2006
poop dick
shit on ones penis
by your mom September 09, 2003
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